"He [Dr. Lampert] actually got my focus better and I went on to win the tournament at FBR."
-Kenny Perry, Professional PGA Golfer
"I have searched the country for answers. Dr. Lampert and vision therapy made me as a professional golfer."
-Patty Jordan, Professional LPGA Golfer
"Vision therapy was the key to the greatest improvement period in my game."
-Steve Elkington, Professional PGA Golfer
"Vision therapy revived my career."
-Val Skinner, Professional LPGA Golfer
"Vision therapy helped my shot selection and putting. Amazing!"
-Dee Dee Lasker, Professional LPGA Golfer
"Dr. Lampert's vision therapy has undoubtedly made me a better putter."
-Jack Shoenfelt, PGA Golf Pro
"Great golf help for players at every level. You can expect vision training will grant you a higher level of play, more satisfaction, and dramatically scores."
-John Nelson, Nelson Golf Schools
"Vision therapy revived my career."
-Qudry Ismael, Baltimore Ravens
"The talent of using the vision is a talent itself. Vision training is amazing for our team."
-Blanton Collier, Coach Cleveland Browns
"Vision training brought me back to top performance. What a difference!"
-Kiki Wandeweghe, New York Knicks
"Vision training and goaltending are made for each other."
-Billy Smith, New York Islanders
"Vision training helped my concentration and quickness."
-John Vanbiesbrouk, Florida Panthers

Look at what parents have said about vision and learning training...

“Maressa has overcome her reading comprehension problem and now enjoys reading. I am also proud to say that for the first time, Maressa made the honor roll with straight A’s!”

“I can’t thank you enough!! He no longer hates reading! In fact, he went from reading at a grade 2 reading level, to reading Harry Potter in one year! He loves reading now and I find him constantly squirreled away with a book!”

“Since your therapy he has progressed to a recent 91 percentile test score… a dream for him and us.”

“We cannot begin to express our gratitude in all that you have done for Sammy. Not only is Sammy reading at grade level, but his standardized test scores were outstanding.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that Janis has greatly benefited by vision therapy and I feel that Janis would be disadvantaged without it.”

“Loni’s self-confidence has improved. She can write things that we can read now. She is on the honor roll at school and loves school. What changes have I seen? I’ve seen a child go from low self-confidence to high self-esteem.”

“Kristy was having problems at school with her school homework and assignments. We tried private tutors, even private school. But, this did not help. Till someone told us to go for something called ‘Vision Therapy’ with Dr Lampert. We said we have academic problem but not eye problem! How wrong we were! To make a long story short, Kristy grades are 3 A 2 B and 1 C. From special group she is now on regular class with other students and doing very, very well. I highly recommend this for other parents with same problem that they are aware!”

"Our daughter came for therapy with no depth perception and blinking visions in one eye. Her other eye didn't have good vision either. After eye therapy she has no more problem in any of these areas. Her grades are excellent now… Honor Roll! We are very happy we found Dr. Lampert and the therapy he gave our daughter. It truly changed her life! Thank you so much!"

"Our son had been to a few optometrists. Each one told me something different: he needs glasses, he doesn't need glasses, strong prescription, weak, many different stories. He did not wear the glasses and there was no change in his eyesight or abilities. After being referred to Dr. Lampert by an education specialist, I cannot say enough about the outcome of our son's therapy with him. He went from the bottom of the batting order in baseball to the top plus definite differences in many ways: schoolwork, confidence, etc."

"My daughter came to Dr. Lampert last November after struggling through the first month of 1st grade. I knew something was wrong but I could not figure it out. Dr. Lampert found that she needed vision therapy. After vision therapy she can now read, catch a ball easily and is catching up with her class. There is no doubt in my mind that my daughter has greatly benefited by Dr. Lampert's vision therapy and I feel that she would be disadvantaged without it. I am so grateful that I was informed about vision therapy and feel more people should be aware of it."